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A Lot of Free Time

So due to the national pandemic that hit recently my college kicked all students off campus in the middle of spring break. Seeing this, my girlfriend and I rented a car and drove across the country so we could quarantine at her home. During quarantine I found myself with plenty of free time. What better to do with it than work on my next full-length screenplay? I typed away on my laptop as the hours ticked by. It took several days, but I was able to finish my 2nd full-length screenplay. No restarts required this time, just a couple of small rewrites as I worked through it. I sent it off to some trusted readers for feedback and heard back promptly. This was also around the time I started the blog. Due to this following posts will be worded as though things had just happened. Eventually the posts will probably catch up to current events, but I don't see that happening too soon.

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