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A New Writing Exercise

While I certainly do enjoy writing, I often find myself stuck at certain parts of longer works. With my newest full-length that I'm working on, I just finished up the first act well enough to the point that I'm ready to move on to the second. I have several ideas of what I want to happen in this second act, however, I haven't yet quite decided on they'll fit together. In the past, this has led to me stepping away from a script for periods of time that are longer than they likely should be. To counteract this, and stay fully in practice, I've begun a new attempt at simply writing something every day. This doesn't mean that I have to force myself through my current main project and put down something that I'll likely remove later. This instead means that I could write a short, a pilot, or even just a scene that'll keep me in the groove of writing. My first attempt at this led to a short that, while nothing spectacular, I think is ultimately a fun little story. There will probably be more of these going forward, although I predict not all of them will show up on here. With how much writing is going to get done, it's likely that at least one of these offshoot scripts will be good enough to enter a competition. This one though can live here for now.

A Brief Rest
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