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Bit of a Panic Inducer

I was working on my latest feature length today and came across a rut that I'd been stuck in for a while. It felt like I had too many ideas to produce a short (<30 pages usually) and not enough ideas to produce a full feature (80-120 pages usually). In the end I decided the best course of action was to just write and see where I ended up. When the story feels like it's done, I'll simply see where I'm at and whether I need to reduce or expand certain scenes to fit. What induced my slight bit of panic was when I was making sure what contests determine to be a short. I checked one of my other competition pages and found out that I'll hear back from two important competitions on the same day, July 15th. So that'll likely be a very good day, a very bad day, or some strange mix of the two. However, no need to stress about it yet I suppose. I'll

just have to wait and see.

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