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Getting Some Feedback

During my time reading for AFF this past summer, they offered many awesome incentives that I partook in. One of these was a contest wherein if you read "X" number of scripts in a certain amount of time you could win coverage. I decided to pursue this seeing as I had a feature-length screenplay that I had been working on and would very much like coverage back for before I turned it in to contests. After participating in the contest, I was very delighted to learn I had won! I was also very glad to hear that I had until the end of the year to submit my screenplay, as it wasn't quite finished at that point.

Since then, I've gone on to complete it (it's actually the second draft of one of my scripts that needed a major rewrite). I believe the story is much stronger now, although the rewrite took far longer than I had initially been planning on. Either way, I'm glad I got it done and sent it off for coverage. Not knowing what all would be included in coverage from AFF, I looked into it a bit more and found that it actually included even more than I had thought! Along with coverage, you'll also get back scores on marketability, an industry-style recommendation, a logline, and a professional synopsis. Even more excited now, I decided to go ahead and try my hand at writing up my own versions of these. It'll be interesting to see how my versions compare to this unknown professional's, but I'll, unfortunately, have to wait a while to see as they said that coverage can take up to 60 days to be returned. While this makes sense, I'm sure they have quite the queue and it's a fair bit of work, I am a little saddened by this. Either way, I suppose I'll simply press on and start on my next rewrite in the meantime.

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