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I Must Be Bad At Tracking These...

So I've been trying real hard to keep track of the various contests I've entered and when the next announcements, especially since my last snafu of being completely surprised by my pilot's placement. Due to this, I went through and double-checked when the next announcements were for all of the contests I had entered this competition cycle. When it came to the LA Screenplay Awards, I thought I had the correct deadline until I checked the website and saw that the date I had written down was the same as their late entry deadline. Thinking I had simply looked at the wrong part of some chart or another, I changed the date to when it said the actual announcements were set to be. To my surprise, today I found out that I had actually put down the correct deadline, and that the LA Screenplay Awards have a Spring and Summer competition. I had entered the Spring, but when I double-checked they were publishing their deadline for the Summer competition. I found this out via an email today that led to me discovering I had placed as a semi-finalist for the LA Screenplay Awards! Technically, their email said that their announcement site was having difficulties but Coverfly was able to confirm that I had indeed placed. I'm really tryin' to be on top of it, but I honestly don't mind these surprises. Fingers crossed for more in the future.

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