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Inroads Fellowship

After entering into so many competitions that put their announcement dates at the end of summer, I was happy when the Inroads Fellowship set theirs in mid-May. I would finally get the chance to hear back from another competition without waiting months on end. I woke up on the day of announcements with an email. The email said this:

Dear Hard-Working Writer:

Thanks once again for entering Season 3 of the Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship. We received 1200+ entries this season, and chose to expand our field of finalists to 200. Regardless, we had a very difficult time narrowing the field, and certainly feel that we still left some very solid projects on the outside looking in. Coverfly has been updated, and we just posted a list of Winners/Finalists as well to Facebook (see link below). All undelivered coverage will go out by 5/19, prizes are on the way as well, and Sundance networking-event invites will go out some time in late December FYI :) Congratulations to all Entrants for your accomplishments, we hope you and yours stay well, keep on writing!

- The Inroads Staff

I immediately checked Coverfly, but saw nothing as far as updates go. I then clicked on the link in their email which took me to their Facebook page wherein they had posted a master list of the winners. It took some time as I was still bleary-eyed, but I looked over every winner on that list in search of my name. After what felt like an eternity, I had reached the end of the list. I hadn't seen my name. I looked over the list again just to make sure I hadn't missed it, but I came to the same conclusion. I hadn't moved on. As disappointing as this was in the moment, rationalization kept me going. This wasn't one of my strongest works. There were a lot of entries on the lists. I later even recognized one of the titles as sitting at #9 on the Coverfly red list. I took a deep breath and accepted the results. It was time to move on and keep working.

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