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Midnight Here I Come!

I finally heard back from NYC Midnight (which as a refresher is a super fun contest where they give you a genre, a central object, and a character that you have to include in a story written within a certain timeline). This is one that goes through multiple rounds with the first being 8 days, the second being 3 days, and the final round being 24 hours. The top five from each round in a given set of prompts moves on. The last time I entered this contest I had placed first in the first round, but was only able to place 8th in the next round. I entered again this year, and saw that I was able to snag 3rd place! While not quite as good as my last placement, it's certainly nothing to scoff at.

This means that Thursday at midnight I will get the next set of prompts and have the weekend to think up an idea, write, edit, and submit it. There's some stress to this of course, but it's always a fun contest and debating which ideas work best is part of the charm. I hope to secure a ticket to the final round, forever onward and upward as they say. I'll let you all know how that goes on July 20th. Till then, it's time to write!

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