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I'm finally done with a few rewrites, so I decided it was about time I got crackin' on one of the many projects that I have in my backlog. There's one that (as cheesy as it may sound) came to me in a dream. There's a very good chance my writer brain realized it was a dream and just ran with it, but the story overall was fairly coherent and I saw it through to the end. It was one of those ideas where I woke up and immediately wrote down everything I remembered. I'm very excited for this one and it's been going very well so far. Pretty much every scene up to this point has just been firing on all cylinders. I imagine there will be some spot partway through wherein I get a little stuck. I don't fully believe there will ever be a story that doesn't require a sit-down and think-it-out moment. It's usually those moments that can help boil down the heart of a story.

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