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Script lab Feedback

Today I got an unexpected email. I got feedback on one of my shorts that I had submitted to a contest. Now, this feedback wouldn't have been unexpected if it were received two weeks from now, but I got it today. Within this email was feedback on one of my Norse shorts that I had paid for and they said would have a two week turnaround. Therefore I was pretty surprised when it came in early. I tentatively opened the email to see what this feedback would even look like. It wasn't quite what I was hoping for. Not in terms of content, there was three pages of critique, but in the scores the reviewer gave me. While I had felt pretty good about this short, the reviewer didn't seem to feel the same. He basically said it sat at above average. Nothing was exceptionally good or bad about it. Just slightly above average. The rough thing is now having to wait to hear back from the competitions that I've submitted that same short to.

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