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Side Gig?

As I continue striving to get my work recognized and have it lead towards a true career in screenwriting, I of course still need to make money. With that, some time ago I decided to create a Fiverr account and offer some basic services such as editing screenplays or writing people screenplays for them. I set rates that seemed fair based on other similar services I saw on the site. After a while of having the account with only the occasional small order, I got my first big order: Writing a treatment for someone's screenplay idea.

For those who don't know, a treatment is essentially an extended summary of the story that one can typically use to market the story to interested parties. This was a learning experience, and difficult at times, but it was ultimately exciting as it meant I had started seeing some real work in the field of screenwriting. Following this, I then started getting more and more and more orders. Before long I received an order for a full-length screenplay. Not even a week later and another came in.

Before I knew it several orders had come in for full-lengths and shorts. I was spending far more of my free time than I had expected just writing, writing, writing. I recently raised my prices a little both to slow the sheer number of orders coming in as well as maybe getting to the point where this is a bit more viable of a side business for me to be spending this much time on it. The inspiration for this very post was another order coming in for a full-length from a returning client. Hooray!

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