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Some Unexpected, Yet Exciting News

With the numerous screenplay competitions that exist, I've found the best way to keep track of them is to go through a master list, pick out the best ones, and write down their info into a spreadsheet. I'll update this sheet with upcoming deadlines, announcement dates, and the cost to enter for the current deadline. A while back I had submitted my pilot script to a couple of different competitions that I had planned for, but Coverfly (my submission platform of choice) suggested I add on another competition as well, the Launchpad Pilot Competition. It was a cheap enough entry that I went ahead and added it. All told, I was able to do five contest submissions for not that much at all.

I had already tracked and written down the info on the contests I had planned to enter, including which screenplay I had entered into them. Just a couple of days ago, however, I was reminded of that pilot competition when I received a surprise email updating me on my entry. I had advanced to the second round! A bolt of excitement shot through me as this sudden news coming from an unexpected source hit me. I grinned ear-to-ear as I confirmed the news on Coverfly, and also was able to see that this placement had put my pilot on Coverfly's Red List. This is a list of the top scripts on Coverfly, that is consistently updated and available for industry execs, reps, and more to peruse and where industry professionals can request scripts that interest them.

It won't be until June 17th that I next hear back from this competition, but 'till then I'll be riding this high.

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