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Taking a Chance

After writing the first 40 pages of my screenplay, I felt like I had a solid first act. The characters were well developed, the plot line felt strong, and I was certainly happy with what I had. It was lucky then that I got an email from my college. It listed the events that might be of interest to me around campus. One of these was a writing competition. Competitors would submit works in progress, and if they won, they would get connected with writers and editors who would help them finish their writing. Then months later, once the writing was finished, it would be read in front of an audience at the college theater. I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to get feedback on my writing as well as maybe getting my name out there. So I printed off my 40 pages, stapled them together, and handed them in for the competition. The only thing to do at that point was wait.

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