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The Search Continues

I was thinking about it the other day, and the search for a career in screenwriting is a very different beast from most other job searches. Whereas with other jobs you can feel some forward momentum in that you just apply to several jobs and hear back one way or the other. With screenwriting, unless you already have a path and contacts you're following, you just seem to hope and apply for the chance to apply if that makes any sense. It's very much a career field where it'll most likely be no to very little progress until it suddenly is just there. This framework of how it'll be got me a little down at first, but after thinking it over with my significant other we worked it around to a much healthier approach to it. Every step I take is forward progress. Working on this blog, writing another screenplay, entering into competitions, following up with contacts: it's all working towards the end goal of being a professional screenwriter and making that first big breakthrough.

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