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Hello, and welcome to my screenplay writing chronicles. In this blog I will post about my process in writing screenplays of various lengths, genres, and more. I am a college student only just beginning down this road, so I hope to improve as time goes on. I usually prefer writing thrillers and/or horrors and enjoy movies in the same vein. However I do branch out often as movies are a passion of mine and I'll enjoy a good film regardless of the genre. What you likely won't see in these posts are personal details and such. I intend to keep this mainly centered around my work, although things may be just too good not to share. I will strive to make one new post a day, but no guarantees as writing can be a slow process, life may get in the way, or any other one of a million possible excuses. So, without further ado, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy.

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